Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Never Say Never'

What was my NEW experience for May?  It was a biggy.  ........ 'Facebook' and I are now ''friends''.  I said I NEVER would. I actually told a niece when she asked me to be her friend and join facebook a couple of years ago that I was an 'old fuddy duddy' and really didn't think I should be on facebook. She was kind, telling me I was certainly NOT fuddy nor duddy and should join so we could all keep track of each other. I stood my ground and refused to be lured into 'the club'.

However, the power of social media and how it can be an asset to business was too much to resist and I joined to be administrator of the farmers market facebook account. Oh, my... a torrent of invitations were unleashed and I heard from people I had not 'connected' with in decades.  How did they find me?  I didn't even TELL anyone I was now on facebook, yet I received requests to become friends with siblings and cousins which  generated requests from all their children and their grandchildren almost instantly.  And the little sidebar that pops up with random people that are on face book that I know?  Why are they all of a sudden brought to my attention?  How did FB know to put them there? 

It's somewhat un-nerving but at the same time intriguing to be submerged into the personal lives of people you have not talked to in years. So many things I never would have asked about are now part of what I know and love about my family and friends. Amazing.... who knew?

I can certainly understand how people can spend HOURS cruising their facebook account. I have yet to learn the FB etiquette or vocabulary and am sure to make some major faux pax.  I am uncomfortable with letting someone know what I 'like'.  However, I have enjoyed reading that one of my cousins rescued a rejected racehorse and that a dear niece is feeling much better after a trimester of morning sickness. 

But I never want to be one of those people who can't let a day go by without posting minute by minute details of their daily lives.  Oh.. but I think that is what Twitter is all about. Up to the Minute (or seconds) Tweets.  Oh No... I'll NEVER do Twitter.... NEVER .......