Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, today is not my birthday actually.. It was almost a month ago.  But today I decided to give myself 30 minutes (life is full!) to write a blog post because I have been negligent in fulfilling my commitment to writing a post about something new in my life each month as I continue the journey from 60 to 80.  It took me most of the 30 minutes to find and insert the clip art.  Count that as a FIRST!  Never have done that before. (Also changed the font. Did you notice?)

So, what was my first time experience for JUNE? I am now  a candidate for Social Security!!!! (many exclamation points!)  Can't hardly believe that one. Think maybe I should retire?  Well, not yet. Still many things to experience, places to go, work to be done and life to live to the max. (I have ONE MINUTE LEFT!)  And 215 months until I turn 80!  Happy birthday to me!