Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, today is not my birthday actually.. It was almost a month ago.  But today I decided to give myself 30 minutes (life is full!) to write a blog post because I have been negligent in fulfilling my commitment to writing a post about something new in my life each month as I continue the journey from 60 to 80.  It took me most of the 30 minutes to find and insert the clip art.  Count that as a FIRST!  Never have done that before. (Also changed the font. Did you notice?)

So, what was my first time experience for JUNE? I am now  a candidate for Social Security!!!! (many exclamation points!)  Can't hardly believe that one. Think maybe I should retire?  Well, not yet. Still many things to experience, places to go, work to be done and life to live to the max. (I have ONE MINUTE LEFT!)  And 215 months until I turn 80!  Happy birthday to me! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Never Say Never'

What was my NEW experience for May?  It was a biggy.  ........ 'Facebook' and I are now ''friends''.  I said I NEVER would. I actually told a niece when she asked me to be her friend and join facebook a couple of years ago that I was an 'old fuddy duddy' and really didn't think I should be on facebook. She was kind, telling me I was certainly NOT fuddy nor duddy and should join so we could all keep track of each other. I stood my ground and refused to be lured into 'the club'.

However, the power of social media and how it can be an asset to business was too much to resist and I joined to be administrator of the farmers market facebook account. Oh, my... a torrent of invitations were unleashed and I heard from people I had not 'connected' with in decades.  How did they find me?  I didn't even TELL anyone I was now on facebook, yet I received requests to become friends with siblings and cousins which  generated requests from all their children and their grandchildren almost instantly.  And the little sidebar that pops up with random people that are on face book that I know?  Why are they all of a sudden brought to my attention?  How did FB know to put them there? 

It's somewhat un-nerving but at the same time intriguing to be submerged into the personal lives of people you have not talked to in years. So many things I never would have asked about are now part of what I know and love about my family and friends. Amazing.... who knew?

I can certainly understand how people can spend HOURS cruising their facebook account. I have yet to learn the FB etiquette or vocabulary and am sure to make some major faux pax.  I am uncomfortable with letting someone know what I 'like'.  However, I have enjoyed reading that one of my cousins rescued a rejected racehorse and that a dear niece is feeling much better after a trimester of morning sickness. 

But I never want to be one of those people who can't let a day go by without posting minute by minute details of their daily lives.  Oh.. but I think that is what Twitter is all about. Up to the Minute (or seconds) Tweets.  Oh No... I'll NEVER do Twitter.... NEVER .......  

Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Fools Joke?

Oh, my.. April is almost over and I haven't posted my 'first'.  What was the 'Something' I have never done before?  My new experience for April was my first day of Farmer's Market, April 2nd. Truly an event to be remembered and I thought perhaps this was some delayed April Fools joke, not unlike an initiation into a secret club.

The rain poured down, the wind blew... I forgot my hat....... there was hail. I forgot my banner.  My tent blew away and my carefully prepared signs and papers were soaking wet. I went through 4 pairs of gloves, wore leg warmers, longjohns, turtleneck and vest with snow pants.  I had to change rain gear twice and fortunately I had brought 2 sets.  I was never so cold in my life............   But I had a marvelous time! 

It was a day to reconnect with former customers and friends and I actually sold a few plants. Determined gardeners are a hardy bunch!  If I had sold just one plant with the weather the way it was I would have been happy. Needless to say, starting out the season this way, I have only one way to go and that is UP.  But my first day will be etched in my memory forever, but unlike many 'firsts', I have no desire to repeat the experience. Today is the last Saturday and the last day of April. The forecast is for the sun to shine and the temperatures to actually reach 60 degrees.  Maybe I will finally get to wear my apron!  Although last Satruday was quite nice......... I forgot my apron.

The SECOND week of Farmers Market.  I survived the first week to return and set up shop once again!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Mr. Adventure ... Life is never dull with the P-Man around.

5 years old today!  Another 'I can't believe it' milestone.  I can remember the day you were born..... and it was NOT that long ago.  Of course, I can remember the day your Daddy was born, (like it was yesterday) and that was almost 35 years ago.  Sigh ............ I must be getting old. .... nahhhhhhhh

Full of energy and constantly in motion, you keep Boppy and Nannie on our toes. 
We have you to thank for keeping us fit!

Our #1 Grandson is no longer a baby .... Or even a toddler.  You are all boy ... and 'Boy Oh Boy'! we are having fun.   

Just one of the ways to be 'creative' with permanent markers.
You are an artist and a designer of fine jewelry.

We know your 5th year will bring even more 'one-of-a-kind' adventures and excitement as we watch you grow into a remarkable young man.  When the Grand-Girls get all the attention and festivities in February you get a little out of sorts. Hmmmmmmmm, you MIGHT even pout.  You anxiously await APRIL!  Your month to celebrate. Well, today you get a blog post all to your self.. with 2 photos! AND a video. You are a special lad indeed.  (But we've always known that).  Have a wonderful day and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We love you so much,   Nannie and Boppy

Monday, April 4, 2011

What Happened to March?

Hard to believe it is APRIL already and that is no joke.  March, which came in like a LION with 6 inches of snow was quite tumultuous.  The last day?  Finally reached 60 degrees for about an hour. It was lovely.  But it didn't last.  The amazing thing about March is how fast it went by.  Always the most stressful month of the growing season for greenhouse and nursery folks, this March was exceptionally busy and full. Did I do anything NEW?  I can't remember! It really is a blur,  but one thing I do know for sure. As many 'irons' as I have in the 'fire', and as nasty as the weather was......... I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  That's the NEW surprise for March. Somehow, I managed to fit everything in and didn't just survive it. I had FUN!  Totally in control of my own crazy schedule. (Not to forget the mega support from SB).  This must be what retirement is all about! Relaxed and happy and busier than ever. Stay tuned for April 2011. I already know there are new adventures for me in April. My first Farmer's Market! and just 218 months left until 80.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Girls!

'Little E' is 7 years old! How can that be?

February is a big party month for us. All 3 of our granddaughters have birthdays. Many celebrations scattered over many weeks. Often more than one per child. That's what being a 'Nannie' and 'Boppy' is all about.  You can imagine the anticipation and the anxiety when our former jobs took us hundreds of miles out of the area during those Februarys when they were born. Fortunately everything worked out and we were able to be waiting in the wings when each of these precious bundles arrived. They are truly a joy! and we love them very much.

Another 1st! for the 'SixtytoEighty' experience. Posting a video. Never have done that before.  Sweet 'Little N' just turned 4 and 'Baby C' celebrated number 1.  You can tell we are not as imaginative as their Great-Great Grammy 'Beem' with the nicknames.

Happy Birthday to Our Sweet Grand-Girls!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where has the month gone?

Years ago, one of our retail customers exclaimed , "You are so lucky! You are in business for yourself, so you are free to take time off whenever you like and work only when you feel like it!" Hmmmmmmmm... Those of you in business for yourselves know that statement is far, far removed from reality. Self-employment gives you freedom, no mistake. The freedom to work well into the night and then to rise at 5 am to start all over again. Such has been the case the last several weeks and therefore a neglected 'blog'. I could have opted for a 9-5. I admire the folks that do. Our social order and economy could not function without them. However, my planned 'retirement'; me thinking that I was going to cut back and not work as much? It's not happening. Those that know me are laughing themselves silly. I'm really enjoying myself and can't imagine doing anything else. I'm laughing too, not 'all the way to the bank', as the saying goes. Not yet. The goal is to be lucky enough to be laughing all the way to 80.