Monday, April 4, 2011

What Happened to March?

Hard to believe it is APRIL already and that is no joke.  March, which came in like a LION with 6 inches of snow was quite tumultuous.  The last day?  Finally reached 60 degrees for about an hour. It was lovely.  But it didn't last.  The amazing thing about March is how fast it went by.  Always the most stressful month of the growing season for greenhouse and nursery folks, this March was exceptionally busy and full. Did I do anything NEW?  I can't remember! It really is a blur,  but one thing I do know for sure. As many 'irons' as I have in the 'fire', and as nasty as the weather was......... I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  That's the NEW surprise for March. Somehow, I managed to fit everything in and didn't just survive it. I had FUN!  Totally in control of my own crazy schedule. (Not to forget the mega support from SB).  This must be what retirement is all about! Relaxed and happy and busier than ever. Stay tuned for April 2011. I already know there are new adventures for me in April. My first Farmer's Market! and just 218 months left until 80.

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