Sunday, April 10, 2011


Mr. Adventure ... Life is never dull with the P-Man around.

5 years old today!  Another 'I can't believe it' milestone.  I can remember the day you were born..... and it was NOT that long ago.  Of course, I can remember the day your Daddy was born, (like it was yesterday) and that was almost 35 years ago.  Sigh ............ I must be getting old. .... nahhhhhhhh

Full of energy and constantly in motion, you keep Boppy and Nannie on our toes. 
We have you to thank for keeping us fit!

Our #1 Grandson is no longer a baby .... Or even a toddler.  You are all boy ... and 'Boy Oh Boy'! we are having fun.   

Just one of the ways to be 'creative' with permanent markers.
You are an artist and a designer of fine jewelry.

We know your 5th year will bring even more 'one-of-a-kind' adventures and excitement as we watch you grow into a remarkable young man.  When the Grand-Girls get all the attention and festivities in February you get a little out of sorts. Hmmmmmmmm, you MIGHT even pout.  You anxiously await APRIL!  Your month to celebrate. Well, today you get a blog post all to your self.. with 2 photos! AND a video. You are a special lad indeed.  (But we've always known that).  Have a wonderful day and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We love you so much,   Nannie and Boppy

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